Hiking Boots or Shoes       -     footwear is a very personal choice ankle and your walking boots or shoes are the single most important piece of kit.  Lightweight, breathable and waterproof are the three features you want. Ankle support is helpful on hilly sections and also in wet or damp conditions - if you’re unlucky with the weather you might want to stick on a pair of gaters. They should have a  firm sole or footplate for protection against rocks and stones.  Whatever footwear style you choose, you want them to be well broken in.

Trekking trainers         -        useful as a backup pair but only suitable for some easier sections of terrain.

Sandals            -             not suitable for walking but good to change into for evenings.

Socks        -        medium weight with cushioning that wick the moisture are best - check the weather forecast for when you’re travelling.

Compeed         -        essential item in your first aid kit.

Vaseline         -    useful for tender areas prone to blistering.

Shorts        -        in summer only but maybe bring hiking trousers that unzip into shorts.

Hiking Trousers    -    lightweight and quick-drying fabric is ideal for summer, heavier weight (light) in cold weather.

Underwear    -     as many pairs as you need for the duration and base layer recommended if cold weather is forecast.

Tops    -     long and short-sleeved Ts, according to the season, UV shirt with collar in summer.

Waterproof jacket    - the weight of jacket depending on the time of year and forecast - layer up as necessary.

Waterproof trousers    -    handy in your suitcase in case of prolonged rain.

Evening clothing    -    keep it casual.

Sleepwear    -    whatever you go for.

Fleece    -     weight according to season

Hat     -     the wide-brimmed style is best,  plus a midge net for walking in summer

Baseball cap    -  useful addition but not instead of wide-brimmed hat

Sunglasses         -    bring them,  you can get 4 seasons in a day

Sun Cream   / Lipsalve      -    bring some,  you can get 4 seasons in a day

Mobile phone        -      essential item and with battery pack / a charger and UK adaptor

Water bottle    -        carry at 2l in a bladder or bottle/s

WHW logbook    -       available in Milngavie

Passport        -        check Visa requirements for your country

Toiletries    -        we suggest bring your own rather than use single-use toiletries in accommodations, think green 

Luggage    -        wheeled suitcases always appreciated by bag handlers, maximum weights 15 - 20 kg

Backpack    -    25-30l day pack should be enough to carry your daily essentials

Sandwich Box    -    for picnic items, spork and reusable cup for take away coffee.

Walking Poles    -     highly recommended these are practically an essential item and will help you along the way.

Guidebook    -        no better map for WHW than the "Footprint" map ( and it’s waterproof).

First aid    -        do bring a small kit with all you need to maintain the health of your feet.

Travel Towel     -    a hand towel is handy.

Reading matter     -     you can ask us to recommend a Scottish novel and bring a journal.

Camera    -    essential as this is a very scenic walk or just use your phone camera.

Buff     -        handy to keep warm and protect your from sun

Midge Repellent     -        midges are something of a menace at dusk in the summer months, especially near wet or damp areas. There are a few repellent brands on sale:- Avon’s Skin so Soft,  Smidge, Lifesystems, Incognito, Jungle Formula and others.

Midge Net     -        fine mesh net that drops over a wide-brimmed hat and covers your neck. Available in Milngavie before you set out!

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